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    Rent a Small Sized Car in Dubai

    The small cars are all time favorite because these cars are easy to mange, achieve acceleration quickly, small size with powerful engine and ease to drive. The small cars are rated 4 out of 5 in terms of reliability and safety. The size of small cars ranges between medium sized cars and subcompact cars which mean that small cars are not too small as many of you think. Always get small cars on rent in Dubai because they are most affordable in the market. The upscale model, fuel economy, boosting performance, convenience and safety features.

    The touch display screen, Apple Car Play, Android connectivity, satellite radio, USB connectivity, navigation system, eight speaker sound system and Bluetooth connectivity are some upscale user friendly  infotainment system features. You must hire small cars in Dubai because standard safety features such as rear cross traffic alert, rear view camera, automatic breaking system, auto leveling headlights, intelligence cruise control system, daytime running lights, fog lights and lane departure warning assist the driver to drive gently on roads. The four cylinder engine with enhanced horsepower capacity and upgraded suspension is sufficient to drive smoothly on road. The decent acceleration is achieved quickly by the powerful engine. The trunk capacity is spacious to accommodate heavy luggage in car. The spacious five passenger seats are comfortable and heated.

    The gas mileage capacity in city and on highway is good. The tilt and telescoping steering wheel is appealing and agile in terms of handling. Do not forget to get small cars on rent in Dubai because these cars have attractive cabin that is made up of high quality material. The dual clutch automatic and manual transmission provides higher trim levels. You must hire small cars in Dubai because these are up to the mark for families having bundles of luggage.

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