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How to reserved a car here?

You can reserve a car according to your budget via visiting our website: Log in to your account that already exist or you can sign in via entering your valid username and password. Simply select a car of your own choice and click on the “reserve car” button. For any queries, you can contact us through call, dial +971552525195 (line 1) or +971551010648 (line 2) 24/7. You can even email us on

How can I drop the rental car?

You can simply drop the car in our office or at the drop off location decided on the time of reservation. The car must be in the same condition without any damage. We provide you with complete information, policy, terms, and conditions prior to bookings.

What happens if I crash the car?

In case of a car crash, firstly ensure your safety then contact the police and ambulance immediately. After that, contact our customer service representatives who will assist you further.

How can I select a car rent?

Rent is decided per hour by our company. Select the rent of the car according to mileage and fuel efficiency of the car. We accept debit cards, credit cards and cash by hand. On cancellation of bookings before 24 hours your trip starts, we return your 100% payment.

Do you have VIP access to the airport?

Yes, we offer VIP access to the airport for pick up and drop off in the car of your choice with full protocol. Moreover, you do not need to handle your luggage at the airport.

6. Do you offer discounts or promotions on car rental services?

We offer special discounts on weekend programs, on our membership card and 25% off to our regular customers. These discounts are applicable to non-airport locations.

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Do you charge an additional fee for driver while renting a car?

Yes there is an additional driver fee per day according to your location. The driver can be added or removed in the middle of the contract. We have authorized and licensed drivers.

What is the main difference between the basic rental rate and inclusive rental rate?

Basic rates include value-added tax (VAT), fire insurance and public liability insurance while inclusive rates include collision damage waiver (CDW), theft protection and everything in basic rental rates.

How quickly your company will make my reservation to be confirmed?

Your reservation will be confirmed within 20 minutes after making your payment. We will send you a confirmation email as well. In case you do not receive any mail, simply contact us.

How can I pick up my car?

Bring your reservation voucher that contains all necessary information at the time of pick up. You can pick up your car from our office or from the pickup location decided at the time of reservation.

Do you provide cars with an automatic or manual transmission?

We offer cars with both automatic and manual transmission. You can select one according to your desire and budget.

Is it possible to use my car outside the city?

Yes you can. But keep in mind to return the car within the city without any interior or exterior damage. In case you return it outside the city, it will make extra charges. But you cannot use your car outside the UAE.

Where should I park my car?

You can park your car in any public parking area according to rules to avoid any fine. Make sure the safety of car in the parking zone.

What should I do if the car is low on fuel or dirty outside?

If your car has less than 15% of fuel, go to your nearby gas station. Refill your car. You should clean your car properly according to the policy before return.

What should I do if my car gets dirty from inside?

It is necessary to maintain the cleanliness of a car. But if your car gets dirty inside, you must clean it. If you return a dirty car, we will charge extra money.

Who else can drive my rented car?

Only registered person having passport, national identity card or authorized driving license can drive car.

Who else can drive my rented car?

Only registered person having passport, national identity card or authorized driving license can drive car.

What should I do if my membership card is not working?

You should contact us on +971552525195 (line 1) or +971551010648 (line 2) 24/7 or email us on We will either replace your card or send you a new one.

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Can I take my children with me while driving car?

Yes you can if you ensure safety rules and regulations of UAE and traffic laws.

Does your company offer road side assistance?

Yes Monaco car rentals LLC offers road side assistance 24/7. Our customer care representatives are available in case of an emergency to resolve your issue.

What should I do if forget any personal item in car?

Monaco car rentals LLC is not responsible for any loss or damage to your items. Please contact our customer care center to resolve your issue.

What is the procedure to pay fines?

Monaco car rentals automatically deduct your fines from your registered account.

What is the minimum age limit required to drive car?

It is necessary for you to be 23 years old or more having a 1-year driving license at least to drive in the United Arab Emirates.

Is that possible to cancel a reservation?

Yes you can cancel your reservation 24 hours before your trip by calling us on +971552525195 (line 1) or +971551010648 (line 2) 24/7 for full refund of your payment.

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